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Experts from Australia visited CPRC

Two experts, Prof. Xianming Wei from Australian BSES sugar cane institute and Prof. Yingping Wang from CSIRO, visited China Paulownia R&D Center (CPRC) on Nov 26. Vice director of CPRC, Prof. Hongyan Du hosted a seminar. All researchers of CPRC and graduate students attended the meeting.
    Prof. Wei reported the current progress of Australian sugar cane industry, its sugar cane breeding objectives and projects his team conducted at present. He also introduced detailed field experimental design, data analysis and relevant soft ware usage. Researchers of CPRC exchanged with Prof. Wei and discussed with him about questions they faced in their practical projects. They felt that this seminar was a chance to know sugar cane breeding methods from experimental design and new cultivar selection. This will be helpful for CPRC projects.
    Dr Ying-Ping Wang is the Research Team Leader of the land surface modelling and carbon cycle team of the earth system science program.
    The team has developed the Australian community land surface model (CABLE).
    His current research interests include:
• water and energy fluxes of different terrestrial ecosystems
• carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles of terrestrial biosphere
• modelling nitrogen isotopes in terrestrial biosphere
• effects of land use and land use change on climate and climate change
• representing different vegetation types for climate modelling
• applications of model-data fusion in land surface modelling
• benchmarking land surface models.