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“Eucommia red tea” obtains the national invention patent authorization

“Eucommia red tea and its processing method (Patent No.:ZL 201110056242.9)” presided over completion by Prof. Hongyan Du is authorized the national invention patent by State Intellectual Property Bureau of China, which implies the new breakthrough of Eucommia integrated commercialization.

Eucommia ulmoides Oliver (EU) is an elm-like deciduous, dioecious living-fossil tree species. For thousands of years, Chinese use soups, pills, teas, and tinctures made from dried EU leaves and bark as remedies for nourishing the liver and kidney, preventing miscarriage, and lowering blood pressure. Eucommia drink in present market is manufactured from Eucommia male flower, bud and leaf.

The processing of Eucommia red tea including partly green-removing, fermentation and re-green-removing not only maintains the active components, but also avoid large amount of oxides produced by fermentation which affects the drink color. The color of Eucommia red tea liquor is red and blight with rich of aroma and mellowing smell. Eucommia red tea shows anti-oxidative, anti-hypertensive, and other pharmacological effects. Eucommia red tea is regarded as a novel healthy food.