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“Eucommia shiitake mushroom” obtains the national inventionpatent authorization

“Eucommia shiitake mushroom and its cultivation method (Patent No.: ZL 201110020280.9)” presided over completion by Prof. Hongyan Du is authorized the national invention patent by State Intellectual Property Bureau of China.

Eucommia bark, leaf and fruit contain iridoid glycosides and caffeic acid derivatives in the form of geniposidic acid (GA) and chlorogenic acid (CA). The extracts of Eucommia show anti-hypertensive, anti-complementary, anti-oxidative, and anti-gastric ulcer effects, and promoting collagen synthesis, accelerating granuloma formation, and other pharmacological effects.

The shiitake mushroom cultivated on medium comprised by Eucommia leaves and branches contains  chlorogenic acid. This patent broadens utilizations of Eucommia plant.