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Foreign Experts Invited to CPRC Conducting Academic Exchange

On December 30, 2011, Prof. Donglin Zhang (University of Maine, USA) and Dr. Yingping Wang (CSIRO, Australia) were invited to ChinaPaulowniaResearchCenter to conduct academic exchange. Vice director Prof. Hongyan Du, all of research staff of CPRC and graduate students attended the seminar. 

Prof. Zhang gave a presentation on Research and Development of American Plant Resources. He introduced in detailed about research and protection, development and utilization of plant resource in USA. Meanwhile, he exchanged his ideas and suggestions with participants on applications of intellectual property protection, transformation of sci-tech achievements in plant resource research activities. He also highlighted the importance of experimental design. 

Dr. Yingping Wang gave his presentation on “How to prepare a scientific research manuscript”. He shared his experiences of preparing a scientific drift from layout, experimental design, and the importance of writing explicit discussion and abstract, etc. He also explained how to select an international journal and submission procedures.

Vice Director Du confirmed the significance of the seminar and he hoped all staff and students to learn thinking ways and attitude from foreign experts. All participants wished more exchanges in the future.