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Japanese Scientists visited CPRC

Dr. Hironori Katayama from Kobe University of Japanese and Prof. Chiyomi Uematsu from Botanical garden of Osaka University were invited to visit CPRC from November 9 and 10.

A seminar in the morning of November 9 was held. Dr. Katayama reported two topics including “targets of Japanese new pear varieties” and “utilization of genetic resources of Japanese wild pear”. He introduced the breeding targets and methods, resources distribution of wild pear, and the breeding methods for pear early maturity and varieties identification of closely relationships by SSR molecular marker. In the afternoon, Dr. Katayama visited the fine breed of Eucommia ulmoides, germ plasm resource pool of Diospyros, gene pool of Prunoideae and Paulownia in Yuanyang city experiment station of CPRC.

In the afternoon of November 10, Prof. Uematsu presented a report on the “mechanism of variegated flowers of peach and camellia”. She showed her research result of mechanism between peach and camellia based on the different type of flowers on a plant and different variegations on a flower. Meanwhile, Dr. Zhiqiang Sun on behalf of Eucommia team of CPRC introduced research activities and achievements of Eucommia ulmoides, including varieties breeding, orchard-like culture, comprehensive development and utilizations.

Staffs of CPRC exchanged with the two Japanese scientists. Prof. Hongyan Du hopes that CPRC’s staffs can learn the scientific methods, research advance, and work attitude.