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Yuanyang Experimental Base

Located in northern Jinwu village, Jiangzhuang Town, Yuanyang County, Yuanyang experimental base covers an area of approximately 60 ha. The function of the base is mainly for conserving woody germplasm and demonstrating cultivation of forest-based model, which satisfies the Center for establishment of small scale genebank, breeding nursery and demonstration plantations.
The established gennbank and field trail plantation of Paulownia and non-timber forest are as follows:
Paulownia genebank, 6.6 ha;
Paulownia high-yield plantation, 15 ha;
Eucommia genebank, 6.6 ha;
Eucommia Orchard-like demonstration, 15 ha;
Breeding nursery of Prunoideae, 2 ha;
Kernel-used apricot clones trail and high yield orchard, 2 ha;
Persimmon gene bank, 1.5 ha
Other fruit base, 2 ha
Breeding nursery, 7 ha;
Land for other use, 7 ha.
    base lab building
    base administration area
    road of base
    Irrigation condition
    Auto control green house
    Auto control green house
    Auto control green house
    Spring afforestations
    breeding trail
    Fruit tree plantation demonstration
    Paulownia sapling
    Paulownia plantation trail