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CPRC applying for scientific research projects in 2011

In accordance with national authorities’ requirements about the application of scientce and research projects in 2011, a total of 14 projects were applied for various state-level after evaluation and review of academic Committee of CPRC.
3 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China:
” Paulownia terminal bud death mechanism",
”Gutta percha synthetic gene regulation mechanisms and gene function identification of key enzyme ",
”The study of kinship based on SSR technology and ITS sequences of new species Huaren Apricot and genetic diversity".

2 projects of forestry public service sectors for Ministry of Finance
,”The choices and demonstration of new product development of paulownia Decorative wood and variety”,
“"The study of Papaya Plant species Resources collection, conservation, evaluation and germplasm innovative technology",

3 projects of agricultural transfer funds for Ministry of Science and Technology.
”The demonstration of less ball Sycamore Intermediate test, propagation and high-efficiency cultivation technology.”
 “high-yield cultivation, Intermediate test and demonstration of Eucommia male flowers tea”,
”Transformation and demonstration of exclusive use fertilizer applied technology of large-diameter timber in the rapid growth and high yield cultivation in Paulownia”,

2 projects of “948” for State Forestry Administration
”The introduction of Sycamore genetic resources”,
 “The introduction of advanced furniture manufacturing of paulownia”.

2 promotion projects of State Forestry Administration,
”The promotion of new species of non-thorn acacia and high efficiency cultivation techniques”,
“The promotion of the root cancer prevention and control technology of Stone fruit trees”

2 projects of the forestry standard amendments,
“The technical regulations of Eucommia grafting nursery”,
“The technical regulations of Eucommia orchard-like cultivation”