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Dr. Yingping Wang, hired as visiting fellow by CPRC

Professor Yingping Wang, now working at CASIO of Australia, is a formidable plant Physiological ecologist who has achieved deep attainments in agroforestry. He was hired as a visiting fellow by CPRC on Dec. 31, 2010. 

Professor Yingping Wang has been invited to PRCC several times previously. This formal hire is an important step in formation of technological innovation team for implementation of agroforestry research during twelve-fifth plan period.

As an innovation team leader, Prof. Yingping Wang will supervise the implementation of three national level projects associated with agroforestry for talent cultivation with application of international forefront research ideas and research approaches.  
    Hiring Prof. Wang as visiting fellow.
    Hiring Prof. Wang as visiting fellow.
    Prof. Wang supervise field trail.