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Peng Youdong (Director of State Forestry Science and Technology Division) took guidance visit to CPRC with his staff



Peng You-dong (Director of State Forestry Science and Technology Division), Wang Zhao-ping (director of Henan Forestry Department), ZHANG Shou-gong(Dean of CAF) and Liu Shi-rong (Vice-dean of CAF) visited CPRC on May 8,2011. Li Fang-dong (director of CPRC) gave a brief presentation on situation and main achievements gained since foundation of new leadership. Peng was satisfied with the achievements of CPRC, and proposed new requirements about team-building, output and construction of laboratory condition of CPRC. Wang was very grateful to contributions in forestry ecological construction and science and technology development for Henan provincemade by CPRC.Hehoped that CPRC would continue to apply its technical and talent advantages to strengthen cooperation with local government and forestry sector, in order to make a greater contribution to the rapid development of forestry in Henan Province. Zhang affirmed that CPRC leadship has achieved, and hehoped the new leadship would strengthen unity and enhance the centripetal force and cohesion.

 Wu Hongjun(vice director of general office of SFM), Yu Hui(director of personal education department of CAF), Luo Xiangsheng(director of technology department of Henan Forestry Department) accompanied guidance visit representatives from other groups of CAF
also attended.