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Eucommia Research

Up to now, more than 10 projects both of provincial and national level have been conducted covered Eucommia breeding, cultivation and integrated utilization. Some 10 research fruits have been achieved, 5 scientific progress prize were awarded, more than 60 papers,2 books have been published. 12 patent applied and 5 of them approved. 
Eucommia breeding
The largest Eucommia gene bank was founded, which preserved some 600 germplasm and breeding resource.
Aimed at enhancing bark yield and active component content, Five new clones named Huazhong 1 to Huazhong 5 were selected with bark yield increasing by 97.8%~162.9%, which provide valuable medical use resource.
Aimed at enhancing seed yield and a-linolenic acid content, four new clones named Huazhong 6 to Huazhong 9 were selected with seed yield increasing by 163.8%~236.1%, which contribute to Eucommia new material and modern herbal medicine industrializations.
So far, 11 Eucommia new clones have been selected and other 30 clones were under tested, among which, 10 clones have been approved.
In transcriptome associated with formation of gutta-percha, chlorogenic acid and a-linolenic acid, Forty-eight genes and its partial cDNA sequences were obtained from the butta-percha biosynthesis pathway. Twenty-two genes were obtained from the metabolic pathway of ALA in seeds of Eucommia ulmoides and involved enzyme in this process, of which six were highly expressed. Partial cDNA sequences of 36 enzyme genes involved in chlorogenic acid biosynthesis pathway, of which eight were highly expressed.

Eucommia cultivation techniques
Orchard-like Eucommia plantation mode is the pioneering cultivation technique and breakthrough for both seed and gutta-percha yield, which bring development directions of gutta-percha new materials and modern herbal medicines. The samara yield enhances 40 times as much as that by traditional cultivations. Male flower yield 20 kg per 666 m2 5 years after planted.
Approved patent
1. A cultivation method of enhancing Eucommia seed and gutta-percha yield (ZL 98123324.4)
2. A cultivation method of enhancing male flower yield. (ZL 200510017465.9)

Eucommia utilizations
Patent “A processing method of Eucommia male flower drink(ZL 98117579.1)” was approved in 1998; Patent “A processing method of Eucommia red tea using Ecommia male flower, bud and leaf” is now applying for approval.
Pharmacology and toxicology studies revealed that Eucommia male flower drink is safe and non-toxic and could be functional food for health care.
Method of Eucommia male flower storage technology(ZL 200810049999.3)prolong flower in fresh for more than 20 days, which guarantees further processing without loss of quality.  
Antioxidant preserve method of Eucommia seed oil can keep oil in fresh for more than 2 years.
Eucommia –mushroom is developed by using Eucommia tissue as medium.
Chlorogenic acid, aucubin is successfully extracted and tested.


   Orchard-like Eucommia plantation demonstration base

   Eucommia plantation for producing herbal medicine

   Red leaf Eucommia cultivar

   Male flower

   Dense-leaf Eucommia

   Eucommia caltivar, Huazhong 6

   Eucommia caltivar, Huazhong 7

   Eucommia caltivar, Huazhong 8

   Eucommia caltivar, Huazhong 9