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• Prof. Dr. Fangdong Li, male, born in March 1963.

Director of CPRDC, PhD supervisor. Adjunct Professor of Central South Forest University.
He is also a:
 Vice Chairman of non-timber forestry branch of Chinese Academy of Forestry.
 Editor of journal of “Non-timber Forestry Research”.
Dr. Li was in charge of joint project funded by UNDP “Enhancing Paulownia research capacity” and other more than 40 projects from national and provincial level.
He was awarded as “Outstanding young scientist”of CAF. Three of his research fruits have been awarded prizes of “provincial level scientific progress”. He has published over 30 papers,edited 3 books and awarded 2 invention patterns. 

• Prof. Dr. Hongyan Du, male, born in May 1963.

Vice-director, PhD supervisor. Adjunct Professor of Central South Forest University.
He is also a:
 Executive director of non-timber forestry branch of Chinese Academy of Forestry.
 Vice chairman of the Committee of Experts of Eucommia industrial technology innovation and strategic alliances.
Long been engaged in Eucommia breeding, cultivation and utilization research.
In charge of selecting 20 new cultivars, 10 Eucommia clones.
• Prof. Dr. TanaWuyun, female, born in September 1975.

Vice-director, PhD supervisor.
She is also a:
 Vice chairman of Chinese Society of Kernel-used apricots.
 Chairman of Chinese Society of Woody oil.
 Vice chairman and secretary generalof Chinese Society of Non-timber Forest.
 Standing director and vice secretary general of Society of EucommiaIndustrial Development, China Forestry Industry Association.
Chief editor of Green Book of Non-timber Forestry Industry.
Associate editor of Green Book of Eucommia Industry.
She is long been engaged in breeding, cultivation and utilization research on Eucommia and kernel-used apricots; in charge of selecting 5 new cultivars, 17improved species.
Her studies were placed in the second in the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the first in .the Provincial Natural Science (Science and Technology). She was authorized 10 patents by China. She has published over 100 papers and edited 7 books.

• Prof. Dr. Dali Fu, male, born in 1965.

Dr. Fu is working to understand germplasm classification and new variety breeding, evolution and classification.

• Prof. Dr. Delong Chang, male, born in 1963.

Engaged in wood modification and wood processing and utilization research, particularly in Paulownia wood utilizations.

• Prof. Dr. Jinshan Ye, male, born in Dec1962.

Doctor of forest-tree genetics and breeding.Engaged in research on crossing breeding, elite clonal selection,heterosis and short--period industrial forest of paulownia. Managed 25 projects from Nationa , Province and State Forest Bureau.Selected 11 elite clones. Won 1 the second National Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress. Got 3 the National Invention Patents on paulownia genes.

• Prof. Dr. Zhiqiang Sun, male, born in 1965.

Engaged in research on silviculture and pest control of Paulownia and Eucommia trees. He published 50 papers and 3 books, issued 5 invented patents. He has been incharged and participated more than 10 scientific projects from state level to provicinal level.