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Several achievements and 16 new Paulownia clones have been extended in 12 provinces and districts all over China, which has generated significant economic and environmental benefits. The international influence has been achieved through cooperation with Australia, America and Myanmar, etc., both in scientific research and Paulownia resource extensions. 

Progress has been made in understanding the mechanism and control of Paulownia wood discoloration. Mimicking valuable wood using Paulownia is applicable for extension among manufactures. Wood metal coating technologies has been introduced from abroad and anti-magnetic coating wood product has been developed, which their functional index reaches national criteria.

Non-timber forest resources were collected nation wide. So far, CPRC preserved more than 1200 germplasms of Eucommia, plots,oil-tea. More than 100 new clone/cultivars have been approved and certificated.
 National Patent associate with Ecommia product have been issued, which are:
1. Eucommia male flower drink and its manufacture;
2. A cultivation approach for enhancing Eucommia samara production and gutta-percha;
3. A cultivation approach for enhancing Eucommia male flower produce
4. Antioxidant preservation methods for Eucommia oil
5. Storage and preservation methods for Eucommia male flower
6. Hardwood cutting propagation method for stone fruit tree
7. Tissue culture for North American Rhododendron