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Paulownia Breeding Research Team
Aimed at enhancing Paulownia wood quality, yield and integrated efficiency and providing technological support for Paulownia resources supply, Paulownia gene bank and breeding base is founded. With breeding techniques including natural selection, hybrid, and molecular breeding techniques, the objective for Paulownia breeding is to select new clones suitable for various site conditions based on traits of fast growing, trunk shape, wood character and stress resistance.
Paulownia intercropping technology
The objective is to enhance unit standing volume of high yield Paulownia plantation on basis of clone selection, site selection, optimal density selection, trunk shape cultivation, water management, pest control, rotation management and sanitary felling.
Research wil be concentrated in typical plain of Huanghe River, Huaihe River and Haihe River flooding area.
l        Optimization shelterbelt system
l        Sustainable management technology
l        Maintaining system stability
l        New type agroforestry system with rational layout, structure, and harmony function and efficiency